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We provide user friendly solutions that help identify high risk individuals before disease occurs and then helps manage them to prevent or ameliorate disease.



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download Hughes RiskApps software

Background Information

The Massachusetts General Hospital and the Newton Wellesley Hospital initially developed software to help identify and manage women at high risk for hereditary cancer. The software is available as freeware.

This system allows the patient to input his or her own family history and risk data using a Tablet or through a web interface; data may also be entered by a clinician or staff member through a desktop PC. When the Tablet system is used, the patient’s data is wirelessly transmitted to the server, where the clinician can view, edit and print it.

The data is analyzed for breast and ovarian cancer risk, and a printout of risk information is generated. Printouts include risk calculations, family history and a graphical pedigree.

The software has been developed in a modular format, and, in addition to the Risk Clinic module, we have also developed modules for:

  • Breast Surgery
  • Pre-Anesthesia Evaluation
  • Prenatal evaluation (Genetic and environmental risk to the fetus)
  • Plastic surgery photo management
  • Rheumatology joint function/pain evaluation

Hughes RiskApps

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